Grass Valley Front Steps Rattlesnake

Grass Valley, CA This young rattlesnake was spotted snoozing along some steps to an entryway in Grass Valley late on a spring afternoon. He was still snoozing in the same spot when it was time to capture him a short while later.

Auburn Spa Rattlesnake

Auburn, CA This large rattlesnake was spotted by a family doing some yard work hanging out alongside their spa. Some ground squirrels had burrowed under the concrete slab that housed the spa, and it was likely that the rattlesnake was trying its luck at hunting the squirrels.

Foresthill Deck Rattlesnake

Foresthill, CA After some showers and thunderstorms during a late spring afternoon, this adult male rattlesnake came out to enjoy the cooler temperatures and was cruising around through some bushes, likely checking the viability to hunt some small rodents. He decided to set up shop under some stairs to a deck to rest or wait […]

Loomis Gazebo Rattlesnake

Loomis, CA A family in Loomis was enjoying their pool and gazebo on an early summer day, but noticed a strange buzzing coming from under a portion of their gazebo whenever they’d step atop it. As it turned out, this rattlesnake ate the ground squirrel that had dug under the gazebo, and was lazing around […]

Lincoln Backyard Rattlesnake

Lincoln, CA Early in the morning leading up to a very hot afternoon, some homeowners in Lincoln noticed a pretty sizable rattlesnake coiled up near their shed. A few moments later, they went to go check on it, but it was gone. Upon our arrival, we concluded it was likely under said shed. We flooded […]

El Dorado Hills Back Patio Rattlesnake

El Dorado Hills, CA A homeowner in El Dorado Hills, while moving a couple potted plants around on her patio, noticed that she wasn’t the only one enjoying the shade of the patio this hot afternoon. This adult female rattlesnake was also using the shaded patio as a retreat from the hot afternoon. We safely […]

Applegate Kitchen Rattlesnake

Applegate, CA A homeowner in Applegate noticed her cat acting strange in her kitchen. After studying her cat for a moment, she realized herself & her cat weren’t the only ones in the kitchen. This small juvenile rattlesnake was able to get in through a door that was left open for a few hours in […]

Plymouth Deck Rattlesnake

Plymouth, CA A homeowner in Plymouth noticed their dog react to something crawling under her deck. Upon further inspection, she noticed the tail end of this rattlesnake slowly cruise on under the deck for shade. The same afternoon, we found the spot the rattlesnake decided was the perfect spot for a nap, and safely removed […]

Healdsburg Pumphouse Rattlesnake

Healdsburg, CA This rather nice looking rattlesnake was spotted sunning itself early in March outside of a pumphouse in Healdsburg. Shortly thereafter, the rattlesnake was seen crawling under the floor of the pumphouse. We were able to pull up a couple flooring boards to safely remove the rattlesnake, from the spot seen in this photo. […]

Folsom Front Yard Rattlesnake

Folsom, CA This small, light colored rattlesnake was spotted cruising under a wood fence into the front yard by some folks who had been working in the backyard. The rattlesnake decided the shady side of the fence was the perfect spot to stop and rest, and is where he was safely removed from shortly after.

El Dorado Hills Driveway Rattlesnake

El Dorado Hills, CA A family returning home from a trip thankfully noticed this small rattlesnake coiled up in the leaves on their shady driveway. We removed the little rattlesnake shortly later so they could continue unpacking without worrying about the location of this little (venomous) snake.

Fair Oaks Entryway Rattlesnake

Fair Oaks, CA This rattlesnake had been utilizing a cool, shady entryway in Fair Oaks as a retreat from a heatwave for several days. After the homeowners realized he seemed a little too homey so close to the door, we safely removed the young rattlesnake.

Rocklin Back Patio Rattlesnake

Rocklin, CA This adult rattlesnake was able to catch itself a mouse for dinner on a warm evening in a Rocklin backyard. It was spotted by the resident who noticed it slowly cruising across the patio, trying to snooze & digest its meal under the steps to a deck. We safely removed it about 15 […]

Fair Oaks Rattlesnake

Fair Oaks, CA (along the American River) This large rattlesnake was spotted by the homeowners dog late on a hot evening. Thankfully, the dog kept her distance from the snake, simply alerting the homeowner to the rattlesnake cruising through the front yard. The snake stopped in a patch of grass as the homeowner kept an […]

Carmichael Backyard Rattlesnake

  Carmichael, CA This adult rattlesnake was spotted by a pool service worker near the pool pumps originally in the morning hours of a summer day. By the afternoon, the rattlesnake found itself a dense bush along the nearby fence line to stay cool from the heat, where it was subsequently found and safely removed […]