Rattlesnake Encounters & Temperature, an Analysis of 2022’s Data

  Snake activity is very closely tied to weather, with temperatures being directly tied to activity levels in rattlesnakes. It probably isn’t a surprise to know warm weather generally supports increased activity in reptiles, but the temperature range activity peaks can sometimes be surprising. In 2020, I compiled and released data that displayed temperatures at […]

How January 2023 Flooding Could Affect Rattlesnakes

The flooding northern & central California saw in the first several days of 2023 was, in some cases, the most significant in decades. With this comes the question: how does winter flooding impact rattlesnakes? There are several factors we’ll have to take into account to answer what sounds like a simple question. The first is […]

How The Coronavirus Pandemic Could (Indirectly) Impact Snakes

  For many weeks, if not months, many Californians stayed home and many businesses closed to help slow the spread of the coronavirus (or more specifically, covid-19). The arrival of coronavirus and following shelter-in-place orders led to less vehicle traffic across the state, in addition to closures of state & some regional parks to avoid […]

Rattlesnake Encounters & Temperature (2019’s Data)

Note: this data has been superseded by an analysis of 2022’s data. In 2019, Placer Snake Removal changed the way information about rattlesnake removal service calls is collected to add a few new details to each and every rattlesnake encounter and subsequent removal. While years of working with snakes in a variety of different habitat […]

COVID-19 Procedure, Update 5

Update, as of 2/9/2021 Assuming vaccination rates remain the same through the spring & summer, we will continue the same health & safety procedures from 2020 into what will likely be the rest of 2021. These procedures did not affect anything in 2020 negatively, thus, there is no reason to stop with the spread of […]

New: Digital Property Analysis by Placer Snake Removal

Over the last several months, we’ve begun slowly integrating digital analysis maps for our clients who have large properties (generally in excess of 2 – 5 acres). These digital analysis maps help property owners get a better idea of areas that have a higher potential draw to rattlesnakes, and we generally highlight areas with notable […]

What Wet Winters Mean for Snakes

For the past three wet seasons, California has been far better off compared the years prior to 2017, as the historic statewide drought impacted both humans and wildlife for the 5 year stretch. Now, after the generally above-average 2018-2019 winter, there’s plenty of water to support plant life which in turn supports smaller animals. Those […]

How to Deter Rattlesnakes

The most common question we’re asked is, “how do I keep rattlesnakes away?”, and for good reason. Why not prevent a problem encounter with a rattlesnake from even happening in the first place? It isn’t the most simple thing in the world in some situations, but in most cases there are several things you can […]

What Kind of Weather Do Snakes Like?

Click Here for New Version; Rattlesnake Encounters & Temperature – an Analysis of Data by Placer Snake Removal Have you ever questioned what sort of weather snakes enjoy? If not, don’t worry: it probably isn’t on the top of everyone’s mind. That said, it’s probably a question that once brought up most of us would […]

Snake Myths & Misinformation – an Ecological Nightmare

Snakes are perhaps one of the most disliked, hated, and unnecessarily pursued animals on this planet. As someone who used to dislike the animals myself when I was young – I can understand the fear behind their strange movements and seemingly unpredictable behavior. However, over time I grew interested in these animals around the same […]

Springtime Rattlesnake Activity & Behavior

So far this spring, we’ve gone through quite the roller coaster ride in terms of weather. For snakes, this means they’ve generally remained near their dens to head back under their rocks or underground hibernaculum when it gets cold at night or rains. This is about to begin changing. This weekend into what appears to […]

Is it Normal for Rattlesnakes to be out in February?

Almost every year, the media and other sources blast over the airwaves that rattlesnakes are out earlier than normal, when in fact it is very normal for snakes to sneak out of the dens whenever it’s warm in the winter. Take this week for example, temperatures will be reaching the low to mid-70s across much […]

Where Do Rattlesnakes Go During Heatwaves?

Let’s face it, the past few weeks have been miserable to spend time outside without gasping for air, some water, and the nearest shade. Temperatures in excess of 100 degrees don’t create the most suitable environment for people or pets to be outside for long in the afternoon heat, and it’s during weeks like this […]

From Drought to Flood, What California’s Wet Winter Means for Snakes

Last year at this time (mid-April), temperatures were well above normal and the precipitation deficit was startling. The drought had been ongoing since 2012, lasting nearly 5 years having impacts on wildlife not entirely known. Focusing on snakes specifically, it’s basic biology/ecology to imagine that snakes loosing water where it may’ve been present before could […]

Wet Years vs. Dry Years: Impacts on Rattlesnake Population

The past several years have been plagued with critical drought across California, as we’ve all heard and been told over and over. What you may not hear as often is what impacts drought has — not just on our precious water supply, but on the environment as a whole in which we reside in. Everything […]