Most Recent Photos

This rattlesnake was found in a Colfax garage in the spring, where it likely spent the winter.

Yet another rockwall discovery. Another small adult rattlesnake, also in Plymouth.

A classic find inside a rock retaining walk. In this case, a small rattlesnake in Plymouth.

A homeowner in Rescue pulled a tarp off a woodpile to find this rattlesnake snoozing atop the 3-foot tall stack.

During an annual springtime inspection at a property in Loomis, I found this juvenile rattlesnake hanging out in some decorative rock alongside the pool.

This rattlesnake was originally seen leaving the space under a propane tank, disappearing (and subsequently found) under a bush during a windy afternoon in Loomis.

A rather nice looking rattlesnake found in a Roseville backyard, originally by the homeowners dogs who thankfully stayed a safe distance from her (the snake).

An admittedly huge rattlesnake found nestled in some dense clover along a rockwall in Plymouth early in the spring.

Another rattlesnake found at a ranch in El Dorado county, this one originally inside of the rockwall on the left.

This juvenile rattlesnake was spotted near the entryway as some folks were moving into their new home in Newcastle.

If you look hard, you will notice not one rattlesnake, but two under this barn in Grass Valley.

Found this rattlesnake while inspecting a cattle ranch in El Dorado county.

This rattlesnake was found up against a sliding glass door in a shady patio at a home in Rocklin during a hot afternoon.

A big rattlesnake that interrupted a pool party in Auburn by crawling atop a nearby deck and making his presence known.

This small rattlesnake was hanging out behind a pot on a patio in Granite Bay during a warm evening.

Some folks who were actively moving into their new home in El Dorado Hills were greeted by this rattlesnake in their entryway during the first evening there.

This sizeable rattlesnake cruised out from an old ground squirrel burrow (far right) into the open to head towards some rocks near the fence line (20 feet to the left).

A big rattlesnake that traveled up a flight of stairs to wind up atop a 10 foot high deck during a warm night in Auburn.

A homeowner in Meadow Vista was going under the deck to turn on some sprinklers when he heard something buzzing, and noticed this wannabe sprinkler rattling at him.

A homeowner’s kids saw a rattlesnake swimming around in their pool after it accidentally fell off some rocks, into the pool. I found it back on top of those same rocks soon after.

This large rattlesnake unfortunately had an encounter with a dog on a patio in El Dorado Hills, leading to the dog being bitten. The dog recovered quickly & the rattlesnake stayed put until capture.

The homeowner at a property in Shingle Springs noticed a couple rattlesnakes near his deck a few days prior to my visit. I found this rattlesnake that remained under the deck 3 days after he saw them.

A large rattlesnake removed from a backyard in Sacramento, along the American River. Originally seen the night before, he returned the next morning from a neighboring yard after being followed by a cat.

A rather large and dark colored rattlesnake neatly nestled under the dry grass at a Wheatland property outside of a shed.

This rattlesnake with quite the personality was removed from a Roseville backyard after being coaxed out of a retaining wall.

This small rattlesnake was noticed precariously coiled up along a narrow walkway in Placerville during a warm evening.

A homeowner in Oregon House noticed this rattlesnake headed under her deck in the morning, and stayed under the deck through the afternoon until I arrived to remove him.

A rattlesnake that was almost grabbed by accident near a water faucet in Meadow Vista.

A very large rattlesnake that was originally seen the night before in a pump house in Loma Rica stayed put all night, and was found behind some boxes the following morning.

This rattlesnake was noticed leaving a deck in Lincoln & decided to rest under the RV in their driveway.

Found & removed this rattlesnake during a property inspection in Copperopolis.

This rattlesnake was found by the homeowners dogs under a tree in the middle of their lawn. The dogs stayed a safe distance away and avoided a bite.

A den site in Calaveras county where rattlesnakes have been shedding their skin for many years.

A pile of very recently born rattlesnakes found at a property in Placerville. There are 7 babies here, all from the same mom, and likely all born within days of finding them.

One of two adult male rattlesnakes found in close proximity to one-another at a property in Grass Valley. The homeowner originally spotted two males in combat nearby the day before.

This large rattlesnake was found along the side of a walkway tucked in between a rock and the wall in Granite Bay.

A juvenile rattlesnake found under the base of a dense bush in a Rocklin front yard during a hot afternoon.

A good sized rattlesnake that was partially inside an old ground squirrel burrow in a Rocklin backyard.

This male rattlesnake is one of two rattlesnakes, the other a female, found in a wall of an old barn in Plymouth in the spring mating season.

A photogenic rattlesnake originally found in, you guess it, a rock retaining wall — at a El Dorado county property in this case.

This good-sized, healthy rattlesnake was tucked in behind a planter box in a Rough and Ready front yard.

A rattlesnake in a Rocklin sideyard that used the back side of a rolling trash bin for some cover.

A juvenile rattlesnake that chose the side of a wicker basket to coil up next to on a Granite Bay back patio.

A homeowner in Alta Sierra noticed something looking strange in one of her crawlspace decks, and that strange feature turned out to be this rattlesnake.

This neonate rattlesnake was one of 3 found in a backyard in Smartsville late in the season, indicating the mom likely had her babies somewhere nearby.

Found this large rattlesnake under some solar panels during an inspection of a property in Auburn.

A decent sized rattlesnake that went under a vehicle on a driveway in Auburn late in the evening.

A pair of rattlesnakes found under a boulder in a Placerville backyard.

Pre-2018 Photos

Through the darkness, you may be able to notice a couple intertwined tails of a pair of rattlesnakes feeling the love.

A Granite Bay family who just moved into their new home was greeted by a scaly neighbor seeing if they had any mice around to snack on.

Gardener thought a sprinkler was acting up, but was surprised when it kept sounding off even with the water turned off.

A very full snake trying to leave his dining room (a barn).

A little example of biological diversity outside a preschool.

A small house guest that found its way into the kitchen via a open slider door.

An out of place sprinkler in Granite Bay.

Someone taking advantage of the shade under a rose bush.

A not so stable fence post.

Lincoln entryway visitor.

Rancho Cordova Olympic swimmer.

A large rock wall hotel resident.

Something the family cat found in the ivy. It wasn’t quite a sprinkler.

A rattlesnake looking nice for the camera on a summer evening.

A juvenile waiting under the grill for some burgers in Rocklin.

Loomis rattlesnake waiting to help with gardening.

Small rattlesnake in Placerville waiting for a mouse to scurry by in a barn.

A Rocklin resident hanging out in the leaves on a cool April morning.

An Auburn specimen undercover in some bushes waiting for food to scurry by.

Another wannabe fence post, this one in Rocklin.

A very large rattlesnake snuggled up against a hot tub in Auburn.