Eastern valley, foothills, & west slope

Includes, but not limited to: Sacramento, Fair Oaks, Orangevale, Gold River, Rancho Cordova, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Roseville, Rocklin, Granite Bay, Loomis, Newcastle, Auburn, Grass Valley, Foresthill, Meadow Vista, Colfax, Cool, Coloma, Placerville, Cameron Park, Elk Grove, Plymouth, Jackson, Ione, Valley Springs, San Andreas, Sonora, Farmington, Yuba City, Oroville, Chico, & Paradise. Cities & towns between and within 10 miles of each aforementioned listed location can be assumed in this forecast.

Monday, Dec 5

 High temperatures: 49 – 59 °F

Tuesday, Dec 6

 High temperatures: 50 – 55 °F

Wednesday, Dec 7

 High temperatures: 50 – 55 °F

Thursday, Dec 8

 High temperatures: 46 – 53 °F

Friday, Dec 9

 High temperatures: 46 – 54 °F

Saturday, Dec 10

 High temperatures: 41 – 49 °F

Sunday, Dec 11

 High temperatures: 40 – 50 °F

Forecast details (12/7/22)

Stormy conditions through most of the week should continue to keep snakes in their safe overwintering places. Very little to no activity is expected.

Date & time last updated: Wednesday, 12/7/2022, at 6:51 PM

Next update: 12/11/2022 – 12/12/2022

How the forecast works

Snake activity is heavily driven by weather conditions, not just large-scale seasonal changes such as the shift from Winter to Spring or Summer to Fall. While time of year has an impact on snake activity, it’s primarily driven by various meteorological factors including, but not limited to, surface/air temperature, cloud cover, humidity, and more.

Placer Snake Removal’s weekly snake activity conditions forecast combines large-scale seasonal trends, in addition to & perhaps more importantly, daily weather conditions. The forecast breaks the day up into 3 pieces: morning, afternoon, and evening. Each day chunk includes a forecast of the expected condition level of quality for snakes to be active. A conditions forecast of “Low” means that the conditions are not expected to be particularly ideal for rattlesnakes to be active for long periods of time at the surface. A conditions forecast of “High” means forecast conditions are likely to be very supportive of rattlesnake activity at the surface.

This information is meant to be a more broad analysis of each day, thus even during periods of “low” conditions, it’s entirely possible a snake could be up at the surface. That said, the probability of more snakes spending longer periods of time at the surface go up during forecast “high” quality conditions. Local microclimates also play a big role in some places that are simply to localized to factor into a forecast built for a wider audience.

Do not rely on information from these forecasts for personal safety & always practice venomous snake awareness/safety no matter temperature or weather.

Forecast key & description

Low – conditions not super ideal for surface activity.

Low medium – conditions may support small amounts of activity.

Medium – conditions supportive of some activity.

Mediumhigh – conditions supportive of activity.

High – conditions very supportive & comfortable for activity.

Forecast Zone Boundaries