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Over the last several months, we’ve begun slowly integrating digital analysis maps for our clients who have large properties (generally in excess of 2 – 5 acres). These digital analysis maps help property owners get a better idea of areas that have a higher potential draw to rattlesnakes, and we generally highlight areas with notable coverage of rocks, fallen trees, and other debris notable via satellite imagery.

An analysis of a large property in northern California.

Additionally, we also take notes while on physical property inspections, and these on-site notes can help us map out additional areas of interest that are not visible, even from super high resolution satellite imagery. This is especially the case on very steep slopes & regions with dense tree canopy cover that blocks the view from above.

How might these digital analysis maps help you? Ideally, the high risk zones we map out, you may attempt to reduce pet and child access too, in addition to planning the building process of a home or other structure around (or rather, away from) a potentially high risk rattlesnake habitat area.

Analysis of a vineyards property we work with in northern California.

Further, it’s possible that some of these risk areas highlighted could be altered or removed, especially if they are man-made. This would include things such as rock piles created during the grading process of a property, piles of concrete, wood piles, and other dense, ground covering materials providing potential long-term habitat on a property.

Example Map

In this example, the region between Highway 49 & Kilham Road was explored (digitally). Seven areas of excellent rattlesnake habitat are visible, and have been highlighted. The areas of excellent habitat total to be around ten acres. There is a small burn scar from 2018 where Kilham Road ends, and the fallen trees sometimes can make for good snake habitat, and we classified them as “Modest” habitat here because fallen trees can be hit and miss in regard to their appeal to snakes.

Would I Benefit From This?

If you have a piece of property and are worried about rattlesnake encounters, or have had many already, this service may be able to identify areas of excellent rattlesnake habitat on your property or nearby. This information can help you plan ahead, determine some steps to take, and perhaps limit future potential encounters.

Explore the Digital Property Analysis page by clicking here.

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