Spring 2023 Inspection Requests

If you’d like to stay ahead of 2023’s snake season by planning a visit to your property during ideal Spring weather conditions for rattlesnake activity, use the below form and we’ll get in contact with you as soon as ideal conditions are forecast. We’ll work with you in order to set up a day & time that fits your schedule as forecasts become confident in high quality conditions for early-season rattlesnake activity.

Here’s some prior Spring inspection captures

This rattlesnake (one of three found during the visit) was found on a warm early spring afternoon in a rock retaining wall in Plymouth (Amador county).

A juvenile rattlesnake found under some concrete blocks next to a Grass Valley home during the first few warm days of March in 2022.

A pair of rattlesnakes (out of a total of 4 found in one visit) found in a rock outcrop at a property in Grass Valley in May.

A family in Carmichael (along the American River) discovered this adult rattlesnake that had spent the winter in a pile of lumber in their backyard, early in the spring.

One of two adult rattlesnakes that had spent the winter in a wall of an old barn in Plymouth.

One of several rattlesnakes found along an old rock wall at a cattle ranch along the Sacramento/El Dorado county border in the spring.

One of the largest rattlesnakes in memory I’ve worked with is this huge male that was coiled up in some clover outside of the rock wall he overwintered inside of, in a Plymouth backyard.

This rattlesnake was originally found in a shed housing a homes water heater, which is where this rattlesnake spent the winter given how warm it stays.

An adult rattlesnake found basking in some spring sunshine, in the same rock outcrop it overwintered at a property in Oroville.

(hint: snake in lower-right center)

These 4 rattlesnakes were removed from under sheet metal, lumber, & rocks at a property in El Dorado Hills during some superb spring conditions. Click here to view a video of the capture of one of these rattlesnakes.